Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, or Two

We're very excited as we're getting our own Mrs Tiggle-Winkles - two to be precise.

Hedgehogs are in serious decline and our gardens here don't have any access to them for hedgehogs to find us so my neighbours had a bright idea. They contacted a hedgehog rescue centre and asked if we could be considered to re-home some injured ones that aren't ever going to be able to be released into the wild.  The lady (rather tall and formidable) came and assessed us and said that we could have two.  They will either be one eyed or 3 legged - many hedgehogs are injured in road accidents or by strimmers etc, but as we have safe gardens with no lawns to need strimming or any chemicals used by any of us, we are ideal candidates!

One neighbour has been very busy digging tunnels under our fences

and cutting hedgehog sized holes in them (the size of a CD apparently), so that they can roam freely between the three gardens.

I didn't know that they can roam up to a mile each night, but the lady was happy that between our three gardens we'd have plenty of space for them.  Mine is the middle garden and I'm really hoping they linger and eat all the slugs and snails.

They arrive next week sometime I think - we're all very excited!

In other news this tulip is currently my favourite.

It's tulip Menton from Peter Nyssen and has done really well.

Also, these irises have opened today - don't they look gorgeous with the rain drops on them.

I've no idea what variety they are as they were here when I moved here, they're quite short.

Sadly several of my other irises are suffering from slug damage - but that will all change when the Mrs Tiggy-Winkles arrive :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

King's Lynn Treasures

Yesterday, Mum, Dad and I had a little trip out into King's Lynn.  It's their local town and one that I went to secondary school in.  I know lots of people aren't fond of the place, but it's very close to my heart.

We parked in Tuesday Market Place.  It's changed a little since I was last there, with some pedestrian areas and tables and chairs outside of cafes, which I imagine would be lovely in the summer.

I did my driving test round this market place, in the snow with the mart (annual funfair) on it!

The reason for our trip was to visit the flea market in the Corn Exchange and we had a good wander round and I bought a few treasures, but before I show you what I bought let me show you some of the treasures of King's Lynn.

This is King Street, I went to secondary school in King Street, yesterday we had a coffee in the building just along from my old school.

This is my old school, now rather expensive apartments.

It has a blue plaque on it saying that it was once the home of the King's Lynn and West Norfolk High School for Girls.  I'd love to go inside and have a look round it now.

This is the Custom House and the statue of Captain George Vancouver  - he was born in King's Lynn and in April 1792 sailed to America and declared the land as British Columbia.

This is Queen Street - see the dutch influence in the gables? That's due to the influence on architecture from the town being part of the Hanseatic league  - a commercial group of merchant guilds and towns in northern Europe from the 14th to 19th century.

photo courtesy of Flickriver

And this is the Guildhall - a pretty spectacular building.

photo courtesy of Lynn News

If you're ever in North Norfolk I do recommend that you pay a visit to King's Lynn - don't be put off by the modern shopping centre, go and find the old part, you won't be disappointed.

What did I buy at the flea market? These 4 treasures:

a glass bottle complete with its marble, a crown derby jug, a 1950's dish and the hand embroidered cloth they're standing on.  Total cost £19 - bargain :-)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bead Shops are Like Sweet Shops!

I love bead shops, they're like sweet shops for people who don't eat sweets!  We used to have a lovely little one in Long Melford but sadly it closed.  I love getting a little wooden bowl and filling it up with goodies, mentally planning necklaces and earrings as I add to it, so I was thrilled when I discovered one in Cambridge earlier this week.

When I got my treasures home I started rummaging in my seed bead boxes to find small beads to go with the larger ones I'd bought; laying them out in different arrangements.

After lots of arranging and threading and adding ends I ended up with 3 new necklaces with matching earrings:

a blue and white set (reminiscent of delftware I think),

a yellow and green set (a perfect match for my lovely work jacket)

(no I didn't make the jacket, Hobbs did),

and a lovely green set with gorgeous acrylic patterns beads.

All in all the 3 sets cost me £27, which is a darn sight less than I would have to pay if I'd bought them ready made, and I had the all the fun of stringing beads onto thread and wire :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Today the sun came out, little white fluffy clouds danced across the blue sky.

In the garden spring is arriving:

crocuses and grape hyacinths have emerged,

hyacinths are in full flower, 

there are daffodils of all colours and shapes,

and the chaenomeles is in flower.

The pond is full of frogspawn :-)

And I have a new front door.  Gone is the warped, tired, wooden one that needed the postman to lean against it at times in order for me to open it,

replaced with a smart new black, composite one.  Looks like wood but won't warp and swell and doesn't have gaps for the wind to whistle through.

Hope you're all enjoying some sunshine too.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Three Days Off

Some of you will know that I started a new job in September.  I'm enjoying it but it is very full on (isn't any new job) and, combined with fortnightly trips to Norfolk to my parents, leaves me very thankful for the free time that I have.

This week I took 3 days off from work, and have enjoyed some 'me time'.   I've done some more knitting.

It's been quite a phaff getting the colours right as I changed them from the original.  I've unpicked several sections more than once, but I'm pleased with it now.

I've walked by the river and managed to see my first ever kingfisher.

On one day I met Celia for lunch and a wander round Risby Barns where I bought these two pieces, a little Poole poetry vase and the bigger green vase which is Kensington (part of the Stoke on Trent potteries).

Today I walked back to the river, quite early, in the hope of finding more kingfishers.  I didn't find them,  possibly because the rowing club were practicing,

but I did see a flock of firecrests in the trees, really close, their bright orange head stripes almost glowed! And a flock of siskin (no photos of either).

But best of all I heard the water rail squealing away.  I knew they were on that particular island but had never heard them before.

Back to work on Monday!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Treat to Myself

I've treated myself.  I've been a fan of Angie Lewin's work for a long time; I have her book, Plants and Places, and have often bought cards (usually to give to other people) so I ordered one of her limited edition screen prints.

When it arrived it was even more stunning in real life than I could have imagined.

It went off to the framers and on Saturday I collected it, and hung it in my living room.

It gives me great pleasure every time I look at it and cheers up the greyest of raining days.

And I've started some new knitting - I'm really loving the colours in the pattern.

Have a good week!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Treasures from Mum's Loft!

Yesterday, whilst putting Mum and Dad's Christmas stuff back into the loft for them, Mum suggested that we brought her Mum's jewellery boxes down and had a look. I'd been waiting for her to suggest that since I first realised they were there in the summer.

We found lots of brooches:

My granny loved flowers but this brooch, made from china, doesn't look as though it's ever been worn.

More flowers, this time in a white metal posy holder (I'd spied this one when I had a little peek in the box in the summer).

I love this filigree butterfly

and this enamelled brooch.  At one time during the afternoon I was wearing most of them at the same time!

We found lots of necklaces - most of which I tried on, not all at the same time though!  The glass test tube we think must have belonged to my Mum's brother, who died in his 40s, and who had various chemistry sets as a child.

We also found earrings (all clip on) and buckles and more brooches.  Mum remembers her Mum wearing one of these on a black hat - she must have looked very stylish.

We also found this lovely silver bracelet, hallmarked from 1937 and Granny's engagement ring.

I suggested that Mum should keep the jewellery boxes downstairs and wear some of the pieces, but she didn't want to so we packed them all away again.  But before we did that she said I could have one piece - what a hard decision.  I almost chose the filigree butterfly brooch, but in the end I decided on this 1950's plastic necklace.

I know I will wear it lots and lots.