Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Already

I'm not quite sure what happened to January, it seemed to fly by very quickly and now here we in in February!  I've taken advantage of a slightly frustrating work morning so far to go and wander down the garden to see what's happening.  I wasn't disappointed.

These cheerful little flowers have been smiling at me for a few weeks now (I can see them from the kitchen window).

The snowdrops that a friend bought for me last year from Anglesey Abbey are just starting to flower,

as are the iris reticulata (although I think something, possibly earwigs, has been nibbling them!).

There are hellebores next to the almost faded seed heads of echinops

and in the front garden the cerinthe seedlings appear to be taking over!

But the best flower at the moment has to be that of Lonicera Fragrantisima (winter flowering honeysuckle). The scent is strong and heady but the flowers are so tiny and delicate.

It's my favourite winter shrub.


Jo said...

Beautiful. There seems to be so much going on in the garden already, bulbs are starting to flower but I've still got things hanging on from last year because of the mild winter we're having. It's weird seeing snowdrops flowering next to marigolds.

rusty duck said...

It looks lovely. I need to rescue my winter flowering honeysuckle, because it's not! I think I have it in too much shade.


Lovely photos and a welcome sign that Spring is on its way. Have hardly been out at all this week, mainly because it has been so horrid weather-wise! xCathy

elaine said...

Oh - these are all good signs that spring is around the corner - I don't have any bulbs out just yet but I guess it won't be too long before the garden has a bit of colour in it (at long last).

Cottage Garden said...

Hi Su, I'm back over here again in case you're wondering ... in fact the post just before my 'Welcome February' post takes a humourous look at why *wink*.

I'm so glad January is out of the way. But the rain! Hope you haven't had any flooding over your way.

You have lots of lovely things to look at already in the garden I see. I love snowdrops.


Anna said...

I imagine the sight of those flowers enabled you to tackle the afternoon feeling refreshed. Have a good weekend Su.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

So pretty, and I swear I can smell that winter flowering honeysuckle from here!